Kolombangara Accommodation
Imbu Rano Lodge
At 370m altitude, and its name meaning 'the mist', Imbu Rano Lodge was specially designed for visitors and scientists to access the unlogged highland rainforests. Featuring an expansive 18m long deck with stunning views of the Vila River valley and the Kolombangara Crater Rim, this is an ideal base for walks and treks, or simply relax and enjoy the ever changing view.
Onma Lodge - Nusatuva Ecolodge
This is a purpose-built leaf-hut lodge perched on the southern entrance to the marine protected area of Ringgi Cove at Nusatuva. It is an ideal starting point before heading on to Ringgi or Imbu Rano Lodge and its walking tracks.

Enjoy snorkelling the shore-fringing coral and relaxing on the deck overlooking the lagoon.You can also learn about the sustainable income generating activities such as coral, clam and sponge farming run by the Nusatuva families. Omna Lodge is also famous for its home-cooked traditional style meals and often entertains visiting forestry and scientific workers. You may even be asked to join the locals with some traditional dancing with colourful dresses being provided for the ladies.

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