Sunset Lodge, Savo Island
Visible from Honiara, Savo Island is the location of Sunset Lodge. It is an ideal place for an enjoyable weekend away. The island is beautifully lush and green, with interesting wildlife, hot springs and an active volcano.
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Learning to Dive
If you have never tried diving, Solomon Islands is a great place to learn. Not only is Solomons one of the most economical locations to become a qualified diver, you also learn on some of the most amazing dive locations. Whether you are only here for a short stay, or for a longer-term visit, diving the oceans here is a must do.
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Something Sweet
The best advice to offer a diner at Honiara Hotel's Club Havanah is to leave room for dessert. The restaurant is located on the lower level of the hotel and offers smartly presented French cuisine with a sophisticated twist of Solomon Islands flavour.
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Diving & Dive Sites
Regarded as one of the top dive destinations in the world. Dive in to Solomons and you'll see why.
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World War II
Many historical sites and battlefield locations of the war in the Pacific, discover this real life museum.
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Snorkel & Swim
Experience a taste of underwater life with amazing snorkelling experiences and beaches.
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Adventure Walks
Tropical rainforest, mountain tops and cultural villages are awaiting to be explored.
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Flora & Fauna
Discover the untouched natural beauty of Solomon Islands.
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