Shopping in Honiara is an interesting experience. Venues range from the bustling Central Market, which is full of fresh organic produce wrapped in banana leaves, through to more organised supermarket style stores stocking pre-packed goods. There are plenty of outlets where you will find many trinkets and intricately designed handicrafts to take home as souvenirs.  
Standard business hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Most shopping outlets are open on Saturday and some also on Sunday. The bigger shops have EFTPOS facilities but there is normally a surcharge for the use of this service.

The Central Market is a hive of activity and cultural delights. There are endless rows of vegetables, fruit, nuts, chickens and seafood for sale along with intricately detailed handicrafts and woven baskets. The ladies produce a spectacular array of tropical flowers on Saturday mornings as well as a smattering of clothing stalls with lava-lava (sarongs) also for sale. The market operates on a smaller scale throughout the week but for the full experience visit on a Saturday.

Wings has the largest product range and is located behind the NPF Plaza. The shelves are well stocked, offering a variety from around the world of different brands and flavours. You can buy vegetables, produce, dairy products, condiments as well as all general supplies, cleaning products and household appliances. Situated inside the supermarket is also a liquor store.

Specialising in Australian and New Zealand brands, there are three well stocked aisles as well as a couple of freezers filled with a variety of meat and pre-packed frozen goods. There is also a cold room which is usually filled with vegetables, apples and even chocolate. Next door to the grocery store is a large double storey warehouse where you will find a large variety of household items. On sale is a range of kitchen appliances, stationary, electronics, hardware and various other goods for around the home.

Out of town, towards the airport, is the Panatina Plaza. The complex has a small eatery in the centre which includes a scattering of tables. Circling the eatery is a variety of shops, including an electrical store, pharmacy, medical centre, Our Telekom outlet, stationery supplier and well stocked mini-mart where you will find most of the items you can't find in town.

Located opposite Town Ground, Westside is a handy convenience shop with a vast array of grocery items, including cereal, bread, tinned goods, cleaning products and local produce. You can also pick up the local paper, buy ice cream or use the payphone out the front of the store. What makes Westside so convenient is its extended opening hours. It is open 7 days from early in the morning until around 9pm.

Buying in bulk is a cheap alternative when purchasing supplies such as flour, sugar, dried fruit and spices. The Bulk Shop offers self service from large plastic tubs. The store also sells pre-packaged goods such as cheese, milk, eggs and spices.

Pick up all your usual fresh produce, along with fish and various seafood at these friendly, bustling markets. It is run by the local SDA community, which means it is closed Saturdays, but open Sundays and weekdays.

Regarded as some of the best locally produced extra virgin organic coconut oil in the world, this is a must for any cooking enthusiast. They also offer a range of coconut oil gift packs and soaps. Additionally, ProSolutions rural village products are on sale including everything from solar lighting, drum ovens, cooking trays through to toilets and handcarts.

This is a great spot to pick up wood and stone carvings as well as woven baskets, shells and furniture. Much of the woodwork features intricate shell inlay. The goods are well priced and crafted by members of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Mission. There is also a scattering of war memorabilia within the grounds, including aircraft and guns. Out the back you will find a large dome shaped enclosure which houses a crocodile that was captured in the nearby river.
Getting there: Follow the road out of town towards the International Airport for just over 6kms. Turn off to the south opposite Burns Creek SDA School. Follow this road for 1.5kms into the school grounds until you come to the shop.

Within an easy few minutes walk from each other are a number of gift shops where you can pick and choose from a wide range of interesting souvenirs. The Melanesian Shop, Island Artefacts, King Solomon Gifts, Nautilus Gifts and the National Museum all stock similarly priced products. It is worth wandering through them all as each store stock some products unique to the others.