Welkam lo Solomon Islands! (Welcome to Solomons)
The first question you are probably asking is where is the Solomons? It is located just over 3 hours flight time from Australia (Brisbane) in the western area of the South Pacific. Discover and experience this unique place in this world with our official Solomon Islands tourism, travel, accommodation guide and resources.
Naes fo lukim yu! (Good to see you)
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Explore and Have Fun!
For a fun day out game fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling and island seafaris see Extreme Adventures. More Info
Honiara's Premiere Hotel
Set on over 5 acres of prime central waterfront land with tranquil landscaped gardens, Heritage Park offers a blend of luxury coupled with contemporary grace. More Info
Discover Munda
Located in the middle of Western Province and overlooking Roviana lagoon. Your journey to discovering many wonders of the west starts here.
More Info
Relax at Sanbis
Encapsulating the tropical paradise feel, while not lacking the conveniences you may expect to go without, Sanbis is the top selection while visiting the west. More Info
A Unique Village Stay Experience
This well established home stay enables you to experience many of the historical, cultural and scenic delights of Solomon Islands.
More Info
World War II Historical Sites
Many WWII sites remain untouched and you can even find artefacts scattered in many battlefield locations. Discover this significant historical heritage.
More Info